A lot of people have asked where I come from, and it's often difficult for me to explain. The truth of the story is that I am Austrian, but that I never lived there (except for a few summer vacations when I was little). I was born in Paris, France, and ever since I was born I've been moving around many different countries, and as such wouldn't identify myself with any particular nationality. I suppose I belong to the new generation of Europeans - those that belong in small part to every part of Europe.

And for those who really want to know the whole story (and for those who were referred here to save a long story at an earlier date)- here goes:

Born in Paris, France, on March 22nd 1978
1978, Moved to Iraq for 2 years
1980, Moved to Holland for 1 year
1981, Moved to England, London, for 3 1/2 years
1985, Moved to France, Chavenay (near Paris) for 3 years
1988, Moved to Texas, Houston, for 1 year
1989, Moved to Italy, Milan, for 2 years
1990, Moved to France, Le Pecq (near Paris) for 1/2 year
1990, Moved to England, London for 3 months, then to Surrey for 2 years
1992, Moved to Brussels, Belgium for 3 years (after this my family still stayed there, but I went on to study)
1995, Studied in England, at the University of York doing a Masters in Computer Systems and Software Engineering for 4 years
1999, Came to Germany, to the University of Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg in September 1999, and officially started my PhD in Computer Graphics as of June 2000.
2001, My family moved to Frankfurt, Germany beginning of the year.
2003, Two days after defending my PhD in October, I moved to Vancouver, Canada.
2004, Whoops. Back to Frankfurt in February to start-up a business there.
2004, Moved to Pörtschach, Austria, in a place by the lake and mountains. This is the second base of operations for the business, and much more beautiful than the city.

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