Real-Time Landscape Rendering

This page shows some work in progress.  I've always been interested in real-time 3D graphics and the techniques required to optimise the rendering of a scene without significant image quality degradation.

fig 1. Screenshot of a scene comprising over 500,000 flowers rendered in real-time (50fps on Athlon 800Mhz with GeForce 256 DDR Graphics Card)

fig 2. Rather than drawing billboards, we can draw (thousands) of lines to represent blades of grass.

fig 3. Extending the LOD algorithm for non-photorealistic renderings


fig 4. Billboards further away from the viewer use drop-and-resize LOD

Here are three images taken from the same viewpoint.  The first image comprises the full detail model of 25000 trees, and figures (b) and (c) are two dynamically simplified versions of the scene which comprise 10000 and 6000 enlarged tree billboards respectively.  There are some visual artifacts noticable at full resolution, although they are relatively minor and serve well for interactive purposes.

(a) 25000 billboards

(b) 10000 billboards

(c) 6000 billboards

fig 3: drop-and-resize at variable levels of detail

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