Nick Halper: Publications and Presentations

PhD Thesis

2003 Nicolas Halper. Supportive Presentation for Computer Games. PhD thesis, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany, 2003. (PDF)

Defended on 17th October 2003 with Summa Cum Laude. This work was also selected as one of the top 20 computer science PhD theses completed in Germany 2003.

Reviewed by:
Thomas StrothotteUniversity of Magdeburg, Germany
David DuceOxford-Brookes University, England
Steven FeinerColumbia University, New York


2003 Nick Halper, Tobias Isenberg, Felix Ritter, Bert Freudenberg, Oscar Meruvia, Stefan Schlechtweg, and Thomas Strothotte. OpenNPAR: A System for Developing, Programming, and Designing Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering. In Jon Rokne, Reinhard Klein, and Wenping Wang, editors, Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2003, pages 424-428, Los Alamitos, CA, 2003. IEEE Computer Society, IEEE. Short paper. (PDF) (Best Short Paper Award). See also the OpenNPAR website and Chapter 3 of my thesis.

David Duke, Phil Barnard, Nick Halper, and Mara Mellin. Rendering and Affect. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2003), 22(3):359-368, September 2003. (PDF)

  Volker Linneweber, Nick Halper, Mara Mellin, Christoph S. Herrmann, and Thomas Strothotte. Environmental Psychology and Non-Photorealistic Rendering: new ways to new findings? Paper presented at the 5th Biennual Conference on Environmental Psychology, Eindhoven, Aug 31st - Sept 3rd, 2003
  Nick Halper, Mara Mellin, Christoph S. Herrmann, Volker Linneweber, and Thomas Strothotte. Psychology and Non-Photorealistic Rendering: The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship. In Jürgen Ziegler and Gerd Szwillus, editors, Mensch & Computer 2003: Interaktion in Bewegung (8.--10. September 2003, Stuttgart), pages 277-286, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Wiesbaden, 2003. Teubner Verlag. (PDF) A modified version of this paper also appeared as: Nick Halper, Mara Mellin, Christoph S. Herrmann, Volker Linneweber, and Thomas Strothotte. Towards an Understanding of the Psychology of Non-Photorealistic Rendering. In Jochen Schneider, Thomas Strothotte, and Winfried Marotzki, editors, Proc. Workshop Computational Visualistics, Media Informatics and Virtual Communities (April 4-5, 2003), pages 67-78, Wiesbaden, 2003. Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag. (PDF)
  Tobias Isenberg, Bert Freudenberg, Nick Halper, Stefan Schlechtweg, and Thomas Strothotte. A Developer's Guide to Silhouette Algorithms for Polygonal Models. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 23(4):28-37, July/August 2003. (PDF)
  Nick Halper and Maic Masuch. Action Summary for Computer Games -- Extracting and Capturing Action for Spectator Modes and Summaries. In Loo Wai Sing, Wan Hak Man, and Wong Wai, editors, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Application and Development of Computer Games (Hong Kong, China, 6-7 January, 2003), pages 124-132, Hong Kong, China, 2003. Division of Computer Studies of the City University of Hong Kong. (PDF)


2002 Nick Halper, Stefan Schlechtweg, and Thomas Strothotte. Creating Non-Photorealistic Images the Designer's Way. In Stephen N. Spencer, editor, Proceedings NPAR 2002: Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (June 3-5, 2002, Annecy, France), pages 97-104, New York, USA, 2002. ACM SIGGRAPH. (PDF)
  Tobias Isenberg, Nick Halper, and Thomas Strothotte. Stylizing Silhouettes at Interactive Rates: From Silhouette Edges to Silhouette Strokes. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics), 21(3):249-258, September 2002. (PDF)
2001 Nicolas Halper, Ralf Helbing, and Thomas Strothotte. A Camera Engine for Computer Games: Managing the Trade-Off Between Constraint Satisfaction and Frame Coherence. Computer Graphics Forum: Proceedings Eurographics 2001, 20(3):174-183, 2001. (PDF)
2000 Nicolas Halper and Patrick Olivier. CAMPLAN: A Camera Planning Agent. In Smart Graphics. Papers from the 2000 AAAI Spring Symposium (Stanford, March 20-22, 2000), pages 92-100, Menlo Park, 2000. AAAI Press. (PostScript) (PDF)
1999 Patrick Olivier, Nicolas Halper, Jon Pickering, and Pamela Luna, Visual composition as optimisation. AISB Symposium on AI and Creativity in Entertainment and Visual Art, Edinburgh, 9th April, pp. 22-30, 1999
  Nicolas Halper, Camera Planning for Polyhedral Worlds, MEng Dissertation, Department of Computer Science, University of York, 1999.

In Preparation

Nick Halper, Mara Mellin, David Duke, Thomas Strothotte. Implicational Rendering: Drawing on Latent Human Knowledge. Submitted 2003.


Invited Talks
2003 Nick Halper "Supportive Presentation for Computer Games". Presented at Simon Fraser University, May 20th, 2003.
2001 Nick Halper "OpenNPAR: A Modular System for Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering". Presented at the Film und Medien Festival (FMX/01) in Stuttgart, June 7th-10th, 2001. See also the OpenNPAR website.

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